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Pullman Close is a fictional soap opera based around a road, with loads of differnt cul-de-sacs coming off of it. The main cul-de-sac is called The Cuttings and many things happen here including: murders, affairs, marriages, deaths, births, beatings, accidents, fires, explosions, car crashes and many others. So please enjoy my imaginative worl of Pullman Close...

History of Pullman Close Edit

Pullman Close started on 6th July 1970. It was automatically a hit with the public, so after 10 episodes to see how people enjoyed the show, it was brought to BBC1 permanantly. In 1980, it was temporarily moved to BBC2, but brought back to BBC1 in 1981. Pullman Close was also the soap to feature one of the most saddest deaths in a British soap, this was when Tasmin Aoreshi's long lost mum came back into her life, seconds before being behing chucked down a set of stairs by nutty Andy Good. Sadly, Alison, Tasmin's mum, died in her mum's arms just after Alison revealed the truth to Tasmin. There have also been numerous dramatic storylines on Pullman Close, including: Drugs, Alcholism, Murder, AIDS, SIDS, HIV, Cancer, Grief, Bipolar Disorder, Anorexia/ Bullimia, Brain Tumour, Rape, Child Abuse, Carbon Monoxide Poisoning and Self Harm.

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