Major Storylines:

In the history of Pullman Close, there have been many Storylines that have happened, but these are just the most memorable:

1970 - Kylie Budd discovers that she is pregnant, after a one night stand with Ryan Hyde, but decides that she is to young to be a good mother, so she aborts her baby.

1977 - Andy Good rapes his own niece, Beth Hyde. Beth later finds out that she is pregnant and leaves Ramsgate to have her baby, who she later gives up for adoption.

1988 - Ryan Hyde discovers that he has a brain tumour, at the same time that his best friend Kylie dicovers that she has Cancer.

1990 - The Hyde family discover that Andy raped Beth and that Beth had a baby, Becky, and gave her up for adoption in 1977. But they decide not to track Becky down. Eileen divorces Andy when she discovers the truth. An later, Andy flees the country and goes on the run from the police.

1998 - The Red Lion pub burns to the ground on Bonfire Night. On Bonfire night, whilst the punters are celebrating in the pub, the lights go. Delia and Jonathan decide to light the place with candles and a candle accidently falls into a box of unused fireworks. The pub catches fire as the punters escaped. Luckily, everyone escapes and nobody dies in the inferno.

2004 - On Christmas Day, after 14 years on the run from the police, Andy Good returns and begins to terrorise his ex-residents. He attacks his sister-in-law, Delia Hyde, and stalks his niece ( and rape victim ) Beth Hyde. He is caught and arrested by the police, but is later released when Beth says that he never raped her ( as he is threatening to kill her ). He restarts his relationship with ex wife, Eileen, and they later remarry.

2010 - Pullman Close celebrates it's 40th anniversary in July, and they celebrate in style. An earthquake rocks the Close and many residents are trapped in the rubble, but shockingly, nobody dies.

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