The Red Lion Inn

Residents ( Since 1970 ):

Jonathan Hyde. ( Landlord )

Delia Hyde. ( Landlady )

Beth Hyde.

Gavin Hyde.

Kevin Hyde.

Jason Hyde.

Maria Hyde.

Carey Hyde.

Ryan Hyde.

Georgia Costen.


In 1970, The Hyde family buy The Red Lion pub.

In 1978, Jonathan, who was in major debt, got beaten up in the pubs barrel store Christmas Day.

In 1984, The pub is raided by a gang of thugs, who injure Maria.

In 1998, The pub burns to the ground, due to fireworks. ( See Storylines )

In 2005, Carey falls down a set of stairs and injures herself.

In 2010, The pub is wrecked after an earthquake and has to be rebuilt for a second time.

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